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was founded in 2006 to provide the services and equipment of the Slovenian Company ISKRATEL (Iskratel, d.o.o., Kranj) on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia countries (state license No. 02197).

Service centre

The Service Centre of LLP ISKRACOM in Almaty provides 24/7 support for the full range of ISKRATEL (Iskratel, d.o.o, Kranj) products in remote mode, as well as with the specialists' visits to the Client's site, if required. The Service Centre provides the equipment repair and has a warehouse with all necessary spare parts and components for customer support.

Training Centre

The Training Centre of ISKRACOM LLP is also located in Almaty. Team of LLP ISKRACOM constantly passes advanced training at the manufacturing factory, as well as in various telecommunications institutes and academies for the provision of service "in pace with the times" by applying advanced solutions and technologies including their innovative ideas."

CMS Solutions

ISKRATEL offers ready-made solutions for operators and providers with the Telecommunications Equipment for Communications Monitoring System (CMS) in accordance with the relevant requirements of normative documents, standards and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 


Making telco cloud a reality. Empowering telcos to deliver end-to-end services that residential and business users expect. Modernising networks and maximising profits in a smart and cost-effective way.
Driving digital transformation in the right way. Digitalizing key infrastructure and using data in a way that increases reliability, security and customer satisfaction. Minimizing the need for hardware upgrades, preventing downtimes and empowering your team to act well ahead of time.
Empowering energy with information. Connecting intelligent OT devices and business IT systems, empowering smart grid with innovative applications. Driving operational communications into the digital age and managing energy infrastructure in real-time.
Public Safety
Safeguarding the public. Smarter. Providing officials with a complete and instant overview of activity on public roads, venues and spaces, allowing them to spot, handle or avert danger ahead of time.
Fine tuning your design to shave off the last unnecessary production cents, building it with European precision and staying cool when things go into last-minute mode.

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